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April 1


with FUNTEST 2021!          

Welcome to FUNTEST 2021! WOW-we will be searching for TOWN HALLS this year. In fairness to those of us who live/winter north of the Mason Dixon Line, the Funtest begins April Fool’s Day, 2021.  Ending date will be at the CHILI DUMP (aka the scheduling meeting) on Saturday, November 6th. There will be a BONUS point for the 2021 Funtest Photo that includes an American Flag on a courthouse flagpole in your picture!

Each photograph must include the motorcycle  you are riding, a YELLOW FUNTEST towel in view of  the “Government Seat” such as town, township, village or city halls, county courthouses, parishes, etc. to qualify. (No abandoned buildings please…they must be current). The American Flag on or at a courthouse building or flagpole will be a bonus point of one. Funtestants do not have to be in the picture.

  • If the motorcycle cannot get close enough to the building for a clear picture, take an additional close-up picture for verification (this will count as 1 point).
  • Funtestants that are two-up can enter as a team.
  • Funtestants must be a member in good standing of Women On Wheels® and in possession of a YELLOW FUNTEST towel purchased from the Women on the Edge Chapter either this year or last.
  • For a $10 entry fee each Funtestant can reuse your “highly collectable” YELLOW FUNTEST towel and a chance to win. If you need a new towel and it cannot be picked up, please include $4.00 to cover shipping costs along with your entry fee. You still must pay $10 to enter FUNTEST 2021.
    • 1st Place (most court houses): will win 50% of the total entry fees.
    • 2nd Place (second most court houses):  will win 30% of the total entry fees.
    • A Random Drawing: All remaining Funtestants have for a chance to win 20% of the entry fees.
  • Pictures can be submitted by black & white or colored prints or any electronic format.
  • All pictures are due by the November 6th annual scheduling meeting (aka Chili Dump) in Winona.
  • If you need a Funtest towel or a new towel, it can be purchased at any WOW-we event or by mailing the $10 FUNTEST entry fee (plus postage) to: Jo Johnson, Women on the Edge treasurer, 719 East 9th Street, Winona MN, 55987
  • Please make checks payable to Women on the Edge.”


April 1


Jo J.